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Performance can be optimized up to 50% in the most automated warehouses
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In many existing automated warehouses the performance decreases over time. This may be because the algorithms that control the storage are no longer optimal.

We specialize in analyzing your data, and on this basis develop algorithms to optimize performance in your existing warehouse.

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Many automated warehouse projects are delayed for months because IT integration is very complex.

Do you want to ensure successful system integration of your future automated warehouse project?

At the same time, will you ensure you get the best performance in your new automated warehouse?

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CEO / Founder

Michael holds a graduate of master of science in process control. For most of his professional career he has been engaged in software development, system architecture and system integration of automated logistics systems.

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68% of all WMS integrations are delayed


100% independent consultancy


In most of the automated warehouses the performance can be optimized up to 50%

Logistics is an industry in rapid growth

Logistics is a sector of high growth. This is mainly due to the increasing growth in e-commerce and that companies can save staff costs by investing in automated warehouses and distribution centers.

E-commerce changes the business processes

The growth in e-commerce means that the business processes in warehouses and distribution centers will change. In traditional retail warehouses, the process has typically been to transport pallets and pallets out of the warehouse, but in future it will also be necessary to handle single-customer orders to be picked, packed and shipped.

Start optimizing your current system

This means that new high-performance systems will be needed in the warehouses to handle the proportionally larger volume of orders. For many companies, new investments mean new equipment in the warehouse, while other companies will also be able to optimize their already existing automated installations by implementing some more intelligent software algorithms to control the processes.

Avoid delays when integrating a new IT system

Unfortunately, many installations are delayed for many months due to lack of overview of all the details of the process of integrating a new warehouse management system. Independant consultancy in this process will help ensure successful integration.

Are your storage and picking strategies still optimal for you?

When an automatic warehouse has been running for a number of years, many experience that the system’s performance is falling. It is usually not because the plant is worn, but it is often because of the fact that the implemented algorithms for storage- and picking strategies are no longer effective because of the business development in relation to the change of product range, changes in the number of order lines, changes in the average number of order line items per orders or other parameters. This could be solved with a simple data analysis followed by the development of new algorithms.

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