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Consultancy on the introduction of warehouse management system

  • Can your warehouse management needs be covered by your current ERP system?

  • Or are you considering introducing a WMS to manage your existing or your new warehouse?

Independent consultancy for choosing the right solution can save you many costs in this decision making process.

With years of in-depth experience with system integration, Logiritmic is your independent system integration consultant.

A cooperation with us takes place in 3 steps

Step 1

Overall need clarification incl. data analysis

Step 2

Specification and choice of supplier

Step 3

Consultancy during implementation, verification and ramp-up

See more details about each step

New WMS?

Are you considering an automated warehouse, it will probably be best to introduce a new WMS in this regard. Introducing a new WMS can be a cumbersome process, and many WMS projects do not comply with schedule or budget.

Integration with all types of systems

Logiritmic has experience with integration against several IT systems such as ERP, TMS, YMS, ASN, MES, AGV, shipping label systems, web shop, serial number, item scanning, etc.

Independent consultancy is a good investment

It is usually a good investment with independant consultancy about the whole process of introducing a WMS system. In addition to WMS integration, we can advise on the choice of IT systems throughout your supply chain to ensure that you get the best starting point for making future data analysis in this time of Industry 4.0 and SCM 4.0.

IT integration often delays the project

There are several examples that a newly created automated warehouse has been empty for several months before the WMS system is ready to be used. This may be due to several things such as:

  • There has not been a realistic time schedule from the start

  • The requirement specification is not detailed enough

  • Interface specifications are not properly reviewed

  • The supplier does not live up to the agreed delivery times

  • Your internal IT department does not control their part of the interface

This is associated with significant additional costs for you.

Amount of stock

Lines pr. order

ABC analysis

Growth in e-commerce

Choose the right WMS

We get an overview of your overall IT infrastructure and ensure you choose the most optimal WMS system for your business.

In control of the inbound- and outbound strategies

We specify storage- and picking strategies for your business based on in-depth data analysis. Detailed requirements specifications and interface specifications are compiled for all types of different systems to be integrated.

Analysis of the warehouse processes

All the processes of the warehouse are reviewed and specified in details to optimize all processes as much as possible. We have experience with special processes for handling single-line orders, and single-piece orders that are becoming more and more in relation to developments in e-commerce.

All types of automated systems

We have experience with integration of some of the world’s largest and most complex WMS e-commerce systems. We have experience with all types of automated systems containing HBW, mini-load, storage machines, carousels, shuttle systems, matrix systems, sorting systems, etc.

We ensure an overview of the warehouse

By introducing new warehouse management system, there is often a lack of overview of order management. This can be solved by defining the correct KPIs and presenting them on a clear dashboard. It can be difficult to figure out how many people are needed to staff the system and which workstations are needed to start up. We help you make the right KPIs and get this overview, so you can staff right at all times.

Getting safely to the goal

We prepare schedules, test plans and test specifications and we ensure good communication between all parties and take care of open issue management and prioritization throughout the process.


100% independent consulting


100% overview through out the whole process


100% of all projects comply with the schedule

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