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Performance can be optimized up to 50% in the most automated warehouses
And it’s actually often quite easy….
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Optimize your current automated warehouse

  • Do you currently have an automated warehouse?

  • Do you also wonder why performance has deteriorated over time?

  • Are you considering investing in expanding the warehouse for better performance?

Perhaps such an extension can be postponed by optimizing your current warehouse instead

Low performance is probably due to the fact that the implemented algorithms are no longer optimal for your business

We are specialized in developing optimal algorithms for your warehouse

A cooperation with us takes place in 3 steps

Step 1

Preliminary data analysis

Step 2

Development of algorithms in collaboration with you and your partners (storage strategies, picking strategies, etc.)

Step 3

Ordering from system supplier and test

See more details about each step

Use more intelligent warehouse strategies

Optimal control of an automatic warehouse is mostly a complex process with many parameters. In a lot of warehouses the performance can be optimized up to 50% by implementing some more intelligent strategies. Perhaps performance can be optimized so that your automated warehouse can be expanded with an additional picking station.

Why does performance deteriorate over time?

That performance falls over time may be due to several things. For example, there may be parameters such as:

  • Perhaps your business and goods have changed since the automated warehouse was introduced?

  • Perhaps there are errors in your master data that affect the performance?

  • Perhaps your typical order composition has changed?

  • Perhaps there have been changes in your ERP system that has had a negative impact on the warehouse performance?

  • Perhaps you have introduced e-commerce orders?

By simple data analysis and updating of existing algorithms, we can help to optimize the performance on your system.

We can optimize the performance in automated warehouses

We have over 12 years of experience with automated logistics systems and we are specialized in optimizing performance on automated systems such as. storage machines, high bay warehouses, sorting systems, etc.

Use new technologies to control your warehouse

How can artificial intelligence improve your business? Artificial intelligence can for example be used to:

  • automatically detect shopping patterns, purchasing on demand and avoiding buying too much

  • predict which and how many orders are there today, tomorrow, etc.

  • find the smartest storage location in terms of keeping the pick-up time down

  • think about the smartest way to pick today’s orders

  • optimize the performance in automated warehouses

  • automatically cater for seasonal items

  • avoid relocations in your automated warehouse during production

  • predict machine failure on your auto storage

Performance analysis

ABC analysis

Order analysis

Location analysis

Performance analysis

Automatic systems such as HBW and miniload systems often have great potential for optimizing the current performance. This applies especially to systems with 2 or more pallets / totes in depth. We can perform data analysis of performance on the entire system based on historical data and give you an overview of how the system actually performs today.

Can the current system be expanded?

Many systems have the ability to optimize performance by introducing some smarter algorithms for managing the warehouse. Perhaps performance can be optimized so that the plant can be expanded with one or more picking stations.

Use the correct KPIs in the warehouse

Performance can also be optimized by manning workstations correctly. In many systems, management needs an overview of at all times to see how many employees are required to staff the system. We can help you specify the right KPIs to get this overview.

We are advisors and think of new solutions

Our primary focus is on data analysis and developing of new solutions. We do not deliver the updates, it will be up to your normal supplier to make the updates.

Data analysis

We make data analysis of the existing performance, order composition, location analysis, product analysis, etc. We provide suggestions for special handling of special order types such as single-line orders and single-piece orders. Perhaps your system could perform significantly better by introducing minor additions to the current system.

We carry out all types of data analysis such as:

  • Order Time Analysis

  • Order Composition Analysis

  • Location Analysis

  • Relocation Analysis

  • ABC Analysis

  • Architechture Analysis

  • Big-Data Analysis

  • etc.

Free pre-analysis

We offer a free and non-binding pre-analysis. It means that we offer a 1-day overall analysis of your automated system, it will typically be a crane depth analysis, relocation analysis and a stock analysis.

It is of course a prerequisite that data is available in some format from a database or from log files. If you’re located outside of Denmark we need the travel costs covered if an onsite visit is required.


Many systems can be optimized up to 50%


80% of the warehouse managers do not know why the system is performing poorly


We are 100% confident we can give you a better overview of your system performance

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