Step 1

The consulting process begins by analyzing current and future needs for your warehouse and logistics management.

  • Objectives and needs are analyzed

  • Data analysis is made

  • Simulation is done if needed

  • Overall system architecture is determined

Output of this phase is an overall conceptual description

Step 2

Following the needs analysis, the detailed design is discussed

  • Supplier analysis, selection and negotiation

  • Detailed requirements specifications and interface specifications are compiled

  • Stock strategies are being prepared (storage strategies, picking strategies, etc.).

  • Project plan is made

The output of this phase is a detailed system specification including in-depth interface description

Step 3

We participate throughout the integration process and ensure that all parties follow the proposed plan

  • Project management, follow-up, reporting

  • Test plans, interface tests, integration tests

  • Open issue and change request handling

  • Project delivery

Output from this phase is a running system that meets the agreed requirements

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