Our values

  • Collaboration – We believe that good cooperation between customer, consultant and supplier provides good results

  • Efficiency – Your warehouse must be effective so you are strong in your competition. The process of creating an efficient warehouse must also be effective.

  • Thoroughness – There are a lot of details and parameters that need to be in place to get an optimal warehouse. It requires thoroughness to get into the details.

Our motto

Our motto is: Keep it simple

We take great pride in making the simplest possible solution that can meet your needs

Michael Bobach
Michael BobachCEO
My name is Michael Bobach and I have founded Logiritmic. I have a passion for automated logistics systems and for the most part of my professional career I have worked with such systems.


I have an educational background as a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering from Aalborg University in 2004.

The first jobs were primarily within software development in high-level logistic management systems, in particular by sorting packages, suitcases and similar in automated warehouses and airports worldwide, primarily in North America, Europe and Asia.

I have had a role as a product owner in sorting systems for library books, and in the recent years I have primarily worked with warehouse management systems for high-level management of automatic watrehouses. Here I have had many different roles as an IT consultant, technical project manager, system architect and department manager for a software development department.

In 2017 I took the first module of an executive MBA education at Aalborg University. This module deals with strategy, product development, operation management and supply chain management.


My goal is to ensure that my customers’ automated logistics systems are the most optimal for their business. That means I want to make sure my customers choose the right mechanical and software solutions. Many of those investing in automated installations have the most focus on the mechanical robots and the size of the plant, and they look less at the management software.

However, when the system is put into operation, it is often in the management software that the challenges are coming and there are examples that large automatic warehouses have been empty the first many months before it could be used, because the IT part was inadequate and delayed.

With my many years of experience in the industry with some of the world’s largest and most complex plants, I know which processes are necessary to go through during the implementation of the IT part of a new logistics center. See more about this under the Logistic IT-consultancy section.

My goal is also to ensure that the automated warehouse is as efficiently as possible. There are many examples that the algorithms to control automatic systems do not work properly. There may be many good reasons for this, which you can see under the Performance Optimization section.


My vision is to ensure optimal project implementation and performance for the most complex logistics systems in the world.